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Hot Tub Financing:
Luxury Spas Starting at $79.90/mo

Discover the joys of hot tubbing and get 0% financing!

Create your personal at-home retreat with a luxury spa from Bonsall Pool & Spa. Enjoy better massage, better water and better energy efficiency—every day! We sell the world’s most innovative and beautiful hot tubs with affordable financing, and the terms are yours to choose.

You can shop luxury spas starting at $79.90/Month and get 18 month financing with 0% interest option.

Make every day better for years to come with the world’s best hot tubs. Discover the peace of mind that comes with Bonsall’s reliable service, easy financing, and unparallelled ownership experience. You can relax and focus on what matters most because every detail is designed—from the seat contours, the jet pressure, and even how each light is placed—for your perfect hot tub enjoyment.

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Hot Spring Spa –
It’s Personal!

Imagine having your own personal masseuse on call 24/7. A Hot Spring Spa from Bonsall Pool & Spa is at your service.

Schedule a Backyard Consultation with Bonsall

Do you want a new pool or spa? Schedule your Backyard Consultation with Bonsall Pool & Spa to see just how well a new pool or spa will fit into your life!

Find the Hot Tub You Need

We are passionate about selling the best hot tubs and providing an unparalleled ownership experience. That’s why we partnered with the world’s top hot tub manufacturer, Watkins Wellness, and offer you hot tubs from two leading hot tub brands, Hot Spring Spas and Freeflow Spas.

We will work with you to determine the perfect hot tub for your needs. Whether you prefer a private oasis or a family gathering, luxury or value, sleek design or plug-n-play convenience, we will have a model that will give you the perfect spa experience.

The Highlife Collection

The pinnacle of design, luxury and engineering for the ultimate spa experience. The Highlife Collection is the culmination of 40 years of innovation from the industry leader, Hot Spring Spas. A host of exclusive features gives you the ultimate spa experience with unique hydrotherapy massage, the simplest and most effective water care, plus money-saving energy efficiency.

The Limelight Collection

Fresh styling, clean lines and unique lighting add beauty and ambiance to your spa experience. If you want elegant styling and exceptional performance, check out the Limelight® Collection. You’ll learn what makes these spas special, including unique massage, spacious interiors and a range of models that fit from four to seven adults.

Hot Spot Spas

The right blend of quality, performance and value backed by a brand you can trust. Delivering great value, Hot Spot spas are designed to provide you with a relaxing retreat at a price you can afford. Choose a Hot Spot spa for quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency, easy water care, and peace of mind that you are backed by a brand you can trust – Hot Spring Spas.

Freeflow Spas

Stress relief, without stressing your wallet. Freeflow Spas are built for value, portability, and plug-n-play convenience. These sturdy, rotational molded hot tubs can be filled with a garden hose and plugged directly into any standard 110v outlet. Energy efficient and low cost, Freeflow Spas are engineered to give you maximum performance while requiring less energy.

The Absolute Best Hot Tub
Ownership Experience

Our first hot tub

Never had a desire to own one before, had been in many and seen many but none of them had been a Hot Spring spa. After visiting a showroom on a whim we discovered how different they were from the others. The quality of the product was much higher than so many others and that also showed in the warranty coverage. At first, the price seemed high but after comparing with other lower quality brands it turned out to be well worth the little extra money. We used it nearly every day the first one and it is still the highlight of the day. Wish we hadn’t waited so long to discover this life!

– Finn

Never knew what we were missing

After years of talking about it, we finally made the decision to purchase a hot tub. We chose the SX model as it fit our need perfectly. We use it almost every night to relax, and take away the stress. We wish we had made the decision years ago. Having had both knees replaced and major back surgery, I find it helps to easy the stiffness and pains.

– Roy B.

A Wonderful edition to new backyard

We re-did our entire backyard with new concrete, fountain, firepit and lighting naturally adding a hot tub was the perfect ADDITION to make it just PERFECT!

– Carney P.

Every Day Made Better

We believe the products we sell can enhance your life. You might even say we think these spas can give you a better life. Making that true for you is what defines us. Because we know when you spend time in your spa often, better things can happen.

Your new spa is your personal retreat, a makes-my-day ritual. It’s a well of inspiration you can draw from any time, and a place to dissolve worries, aches and pains. This daily self-care routine helps you relax, rediscover yourself, revive your energy and connect with what matters most. In your new spa, you’ll see your days, your nights and yourself in a whole new light.

Better Self

Our bodies are mostly water. Regular hot tubbing provides a unique sense of well-being and relaxation. Spending time in warm water can reduce stress, increase circulation and improve sleep. Powerful, precise jets target and release tight muscles. Contoured seats position your body to enjoy a just-right massage. Set aside time to refocus. Here, you discover your best self.

Better Relationships

Me time and we time. You can have both. Whether you use your spa alone or with others, you’ll discover deeper connections and more meaningful conversations. This is your special place to reconnect and open up—you come here to strengthen your bonds. You’ll find that the benefits of spa time flow well beyond just your time in the water, filling your life with moments that fuel your best relationships.

Better Life

In your Hot Spring hot tub, you slow down to enjoy the natural world sometimes missed in the day-to-day rush. Here you can rediscover a starry summer night, a harvest moon, or falling leaves on an autumn day. The rhythm of the seasons plays out every day, and time spent outside, immersed in the warm water of your Hot Spring spa, brings nature closer. This is where you find your best life.

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