Pool Chemicals

For your swimming pool chemical needs, Bonsall Pool & Spa carries BioGuard® , because we want only the best to help you keep your pool clean and clear all through the hottest swimming months.

Browse our online pool & spa chemicals catalog below. You can schedule a Chemical Delivery Service and get FREE Lincoln delivery for orders above $500! 

*All orders include free water testing. Orders under $500 will have a $100 delivery fee.

Soft Swim

BioGuard Softswim Filter Cleaner

#22859BIO 1qt

BioGuard SoftSwim 4 Way Test Strips

#2634BIO 25ct

BioGuard SoftSwim Stain Control

#23457BIO 1qt

BioGuard Softswim A

#23002BIO 1qt

BioGuard SoftSwim Filter Aid

#22854BIO 1lb

BioGuard SoftSwim B

#22852BIO .5gal

BioGuard Softswim C

#22851BIO 1gal

Salt Scapes

BioGuard SaltScapes
Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer

#16010BIO 2lb

BioGuard SaltScapes
Algae Remover

#16022BIO 32 fl oz

BioGuard SaltScapes
Cell Cleaner

#16020BIO 32 fl oz

BioGuard SaltScapes
Scale Defender

#16018BIO 9lb

BioGuard SaltScapes
SunShield Stabilizer

#16016BIO 2.5lb

BioGuard SaltScapes
Test Strip Pack

#16014BIO 10ct / 25ct

BioGuard Saltscapes
Scale Defender

#16012BIO 32 fl oz


BioGuard Pool Opening Complete

#23765BIO 1qt

BioGuard Pool Complete

#23763BIO 1gal

BioGuard Smart Shield

#23762BIO 1qt

BioGuard Pool Tonic

#23760BIO 1qt

BioGuard Natural Clarifier

#23742BIO 1qt

BioGuard Polysheen Blue

#23721BIO 1qt

BioGuard Natural Result

#23718BIO 1qt

BioGuard Power Floc

#23717BIO 1qt

BioGuard Sparkle Up

#23715BIO 1.5lb

BioGuard Skim Mor

#21401BIO 5pk

Mineral Springs

BioGuard Mineral Springs
Stain & Scale

#23245BIO 1qt

BioGuard Mineral
Springs Renewal

#23241BIO 4lb

BioGuard Mineral
Springs Beginnings

#23240BIO 27.9lb

Off Season

BioGuard Arctic
Blue Shock

#24298BIO 2lb

BioGuard Arctic
Blue Algae Protector

#24297BIO 1qt

BioGuard Arctic
Blue Floater

#24293BIO 3.5lb

BioGuard Arctic Blue
Pool Closing Complete

#24292BIO 72 fl oz

BioGuard Arctic Blue
Winter Kit 24

#24284BIO 24pc

BioGuard Arctic
Blue Winter Kit 12

#24282BIO 12pc


Bioguard SilkGuard
Complete Tabs 1″

#52370BIO 4.5lb

#52372BIO 15lb

#52374BIO 25lb

BioGuard SilkGuard
Complete Tabs 3″

#52360BIO 3.5lb

#52362BIO 7.5lb

#52364BIO 12lb

#52366BIO 25lb

#52368BIO 40lb

Bioguard SilkGuard
Complete Sticks

#52350BIO 4lb

#52352BIO 8lb

#52356BIO 30lb

#52358BIO 40lb

Power Chlor

#52218BIO 22.5lb

#52219BIO 35lb

CLC Classic

#22864BIO 25lb

BioGuard Basic
Chlorinating Tabs 3″

#52350BIO 4lb

#52352BIO 8lb

#52356BIO 30lb

#52358BIO 40lb

Brominating Tablets

#22027BIO 25lb

#22028BIO 50lb

Super Soluble

#21048BIO 2lb

#21048BIO 5lb

#52201BIO 15lb

#52203BIO 25lb

#52200BIO 35lb


BioGuard Smart Shock

#22947BIO 1lb

#22948BIO 2lb

#52728BIO 25lb

BioGuard Burnout 73

#22860BIO 1lb

#22862BIO 5lb

#22866BIO 25lb

BioGuard Oxysheen

#22841BIO 1lb

#22846BIO 7lb

BioGuard Easy
Shock & Swim

#22825BIO 2lb

#52725BIO 25lb

Burnout 3

#22808BIO 1lb


BioGuard Anti Foam

#23642BIO 1qt

BioGuard Kleen It

#23758BIO 1qt

BioGuard Strip-Kwik

#23756BIO 1qt

BioGuard Erase
Iron Stain Remover

#23733BIO 1.75lb


#23650BIO 1qt


#23647BIO 2lb


Scale Inhibitor

#23902BIO 1qt

BioGuard Pool
Magnet Plus

#2345BIO 1qt

BioGuard Balance
PAK 300

#23437BIO 5.5lb

#52220BIO 12lb

Bioguard Balance
PAK 100

#23408BIO 4lb

#23416BIO 12lb

#23417BIO 25lb

BioGuard Balance
PAK 200

#23356BIO 6lb

#23362BIO 2lb

Lo ‘N Slo

#23306BIO 3lb

#23317BIO 8lb

Bioguard Instant
Stabilizer 100

#23217BIO 1 gal

Stabilizer 100

#23213BIO 1.75lb

#23215BIO 6lb


Bioguard Optimizer Plus

#23515BIO 8lb

#52221BIO 40lb

#52224BIO 20lb

BioGuard Banish

#23500BIO 1qt

BioGuard Spot Kill WP

#23112BIO 2lb

Bioguard Spot Kill

#23107BIO 2lb

BioGuard Algae Complete

#23075BIO 72 fl oz

BioGuard Algae All 60

#23060BIO 1qt

Bioguard Back Up 2

#23050BIO 1qt

Pool Care – In-Store Products

Swimming Pool Chemicals

We sell BioGuard® chemicals and provide state of the art water analysis service featuring BioGuard® Alex® and Smart Lab™. BioGuard® offers five different pool care programs that not only deliver easy, expert pool care-but also help you prevent problems before they start. These include Silk Tabs™ and Silk Sticks™, Soft Swim®, SaltScapes™ and Mineral Springs®. You can have sparkling clear, perfect water all summer long and never miss another pool side memory.

We also sell: SpaGuard®, Soft Soak®, GLB, Jack’s Magic, Sea Klear, Natural Chemistry and many other high quality chemicals.

Computerized Water Analysis

We offer state of the art water analysis using ALEX® and SMART LAB™. This technology allows us to accurately test your water in less time. ALEX is revolutionary software that analyzes test results, figures proper treatment and yields product suggestions and instructions. SMART LAB™ is the actual unit that reads the test strip using color reflectance. This yields the most precise and accurate results available in the industry and does it in the least amount of time. Bring in a water sample today; this service is free to all our customers.

Saltwater Pool Care Systems

The BioGuard SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care System was designed specifically for saltwater pools and provides everything you will need to keep your saltwater pool sparkling and protect your equipment and pool surfaces.

The SaltScapes™ Saltwater Pool Care System is ideal for:

  • Pools of any size or surface
  • Pools equipped with any chlorine generator
  • Those looking for “salt-specific” products intended for use in saltwater pools only

Auto-Vac Pool Cleaners by Polaris®

For more than 40 years, Polaris has been the top-selling pool cleaner in the world. This visionary class of pool cleaners has become the benchmark against which all others are measured. Polaris auto-vac pool cleaners feature Vortex Vacuum Technology which produces 25% more vacuum power and 4x the debris capacity of other robotic cleaners. Polaris also features an easy clean filter canister that is as simple as shake and spray–cleaning debris from your pool has never been so easy! Also, with advancements in home technology, some Polaris models come ready to connect to your wifi and can be controlled with your phone.
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