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Bonsall Pool & Spa in Lincoln, NE has selected Latham Pools as its primary choice for fiberglass in-ground swimming pools. Add to the luxurious ambiance of your home by selecting a fiberglass pool from Bonsall. Our team of pool building experts have decades of experience in styling your new in-ground swimming pool to your specific taste and your home’s unique style.

Why Choose a Latham
Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

At the heart of every Latham pool is its ceramic core. The ceramic core is created from a proprietary process using a combination of ceramics, silicates, resins, polymers, and specific additives to create an in-ground swimming pool with unsurpassed durability. The ceramic core is actually an additional layer of protection above and beyond standard fiberglass pool design and construction. Ceramic core technology was first introduced into the swimming pool market in the early 1990’s. Since that time, over one hundred thousand swimming pools have been installed throughout the world with ceramic core technology and are performing to specification.

By combining the complex mix of components contained within the ceramic core, Latham creates a fiberglass product with greater structural strength, more impact resistance, enhanced expansion and contraction properties, and better waterproofing characteristics than most traditional fiberglass pool construction.

Fiberglass Overview

  • Custom Shape 90% 90%
  • Available Finishes 90% 90%
  • Hot Tub Integration 95% 95%
  • Automation & Technology & Life Span 90% 90%
  • Durability & Life Span 30% 30%
  • Maintenance 95% 95%

Fiberglass Pool Performance in the Nebraska Climate

A defining characteristic of Latham pools is their resilience, no matter the location or climate. Tens of thousands of Latham pools and hot tubs have been installed from Canada to the Caribbean. Latham’s premium Crystite® and Diamond Series™ finishes have been thoroughly weather-tested to resist fading through freezing winters and hot, humid summers. You can rest assured the cold Nebraska winters and hot summers will be well-tolerated with a Latham® fiberglass pool.

Ceramic Core Technology

The heart of every Latham fiberglass pool is its ceramic core, an additional layer of protection above and beyond standard fiberglass pool construction elevates a Latham pool to a higher level of performance. The result is an in-ground pool with greater impact resistance, enhanced expansion and contraction properties, and exceptional waterproofing characteristics than more traditional pool construction. Quality you can depend on for many years (and summers) to come.

Exceptional Reinforcement

More layers, using greater structural and waterproofing components, equals better long term performance. Starting with the finish, layers of vinyl ester resin and fiberglass are added. Between these layers is the Ceramic Core. To support the walls during installation, PVC honeycomb vertical supports are added. The final touch to every Latham pool is the closed-beam construction, which strengthens the coping around the pool. Bonsall Pool and Spa guarantees your pool will be built to last, giving you, and your family, a lifetime of memories to cherish.

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Modern, Innovative, and Sublime Beauty

Beauty & Safety

Latham fiberglass pool by Bonsall Pool and Spa can be combined with an Automatic Safety Cover to provide complete protection for your family and your new pool investment. It not only provides peace of mind, but provides ongoing heating and energy savings driving down your cost to operate your new in-ground pool.

An Automatic Safety Cover keeps dirt and debris out of your pool, reduces evaporation of water as well as consumption of chemicals. The automatic choice for safety, savings and convenience – all at the touch of a button.

Carefree Maintenance

With minimal maintenance and no need for resurfacing like concrete pools, a Latham fiberglass pool is the smart choice for saving both time and money.

The smooth, easy-to-clean surface inhibits algae growth, requiring less cleaning and scrubbing with harsh chemicals. For about 30 minutes of upkeep a month, you can enjoy a backyard oasis that’s truly rejuvenating!

Customizable Designs

Latham pools are built exactly to your specifications. Choose from dozens of shapes and an endless list of stunning finishing touches to create your unique Latham pool.

Design your pool by selecting from a wide variety of colors, water features, designer tile, and lighting options making your backyard a beautiful extension of your home. Your vision, your pool.

ICC Certified

Only the highest quality products receive the ICC-ES stamp of approval. Latham fiberglass pools are one of them.

Relax, have a pool party, swim laps till your hearts content, then rest easy knowing your Latham pool is code-compliant and meets US and international construction and safety standards.

Lifetime Warranty

Latham pool is built to last a lifetime. A lifetime of carefree ownership and peace of mind. A Latham pool comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the structure and surface of the pool.

Latham is a premier brand of Latham Pool Products, Inc. A proud manufacturer since 1956, Latham Fiberglass pools is North America’s largest fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer.

Modern Technology

Latham fiberglass pool strategically utilizes the highest grade materials, including top quality ceramic, resin, gel coat, and flexural fiberglass. This durable material is the same used in automobiles, yachts, and even space shuttles.

With all the advantages, it’s obvious why informed homeowners like you are choosing fiberglass in-ground pool — the modern, innovative solution.

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