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In-Ground Pools

In-Ground Swimming Pool Builder in Lincoln, NE

An in-ground swimming pool is a must have for anyone looking to complete their personal backyard oasis. Bonsall Pool and Spa of Lincoln, NE has been building high quality swimming pools since 1951. Over the decades we have built, remodeled, and installed hundreds of pools in Nebraska. Our work has been featured in Architects Tour of Homes, Parade of Homes, Pool and Spa News, and Aqua Magazine.

Choose from a wide variety of shotcrete in-ground pools, fiberglass pools, in-ground hot tubs, or vinyl liner in-ground pools. Our team of pool building experts will work with you to design an in-ground pool and customize it for your entire backyard.

Types of In-Ground Swimming Pools

We install and customize three main types of in-ground pools: shotcrete pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl liner pools. Our team of pool building experts will work with you on your pool size preferences, the area where you’re aiming to install the pool, and several other factors like additional pool features, lighting, heating, and municipal zoning rules.

After an initial project review, our pool building team will work closely with you to recommend the type of pool best suited to your vision. Then, we’ll recommend options to achieve your specific style requests, scope of pool use, and overall budget. Finally, we’ll begin designing an in-ground pool with the options specified to match your vision of a perfect backyard.

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Shotcrete In-Ground Swimming Pools

Our specialty is shotcrete in-ground pools. Shotcrete pools allow for highly customized pool shapes, creative and custom concrete finishes, as well as being an excellent choice to compliment a ‘naturescape’ in your backyard. A naturescape is a pool that integrates into the landscaping and other backyard features including a manmade pond, waterfall features, custom pavers, elegant fencing, and outdoor seating areas, and fire pit or fire bowl features. Nothing looks better than a beautifully landscaped yard with seating areas and a fully integrated in-ground pool. Contact us today to start building your dream!

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Fiberglass In-Ground Swimming Pools

We are proud to offer the complete catalog of Viking® Fiberglass Swimming Pools, lap pools, and integrated in-ground hot tubs. We have selected Viking® fiberglass pools as they have been installed in thousands of locations across the USA and Caribbean. You can rest assured a Viking® fiberglass pools has been tested in extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, without affecting the life of the fiberglass pool. Additionally, Viking® pools can be customized to include features like integrated steps, sun ledges, as well as integrated hot tubs. Learn more by clicking the fiberglass pool link below.

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Vinyl Liner In-Ground Swimming Pools

Our steel walled vinyl liner pools are made with the very highest quality and craftsmanship available. The vinyl liner swimming pool's wall system is anchored with steel braces and a large concrete footing, a concrete floor, and then finished with a heavy-duty vinyl liner in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your overall vision. Additionally, these vinyl liner pools are easy to care for and very cost effective for use year after year.

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Swimming Pools We’ve Built

Our commitment to quality and high standards has made Bonsall Pool & Spa the premier swimming pool builder in Lincoln, Nebraska. Pools we have built have been showcased in Architects Tour of Homes, Parade of Homes, Pool and Spa News, and Aqua Magazine. Below is a selection of pools we’ve built, click on one to view and learn more:

Reviews & Testimonials

Our In-Ground Pool Design and Construction Process

Each in-ground swimming pool project comes with its own set of variables. To provide you with the best possible options and outcome, our team of expert in-ground pool builders will sit down with you, your architect, or home builder to ensure your new in-ground swimming pool installation will be a success.

Below is a general breakdown of our swimming pool design process. From design to build to after installation care, Bonsall Pool & Spa will make sure your new in-ground pool is well-built and well-maintained – making certain that you have perfect water this swimming season and for many summers to come!


In-Ground Swimming Pool Design Consultation

A successful in-ground pool project always starts with a consultation with you and any other decision makers in the household. Our in-ground pool designers will sit down with you to discuss your home, your property, and what goals you have for your new in-ground swimming pool. During this consultation we’ll be answering any questions you may have on the type of pool that would work best for your property, municipal zoning ordinances, types of finishes (if applicable), customized features such as in-ground hot tubs, bubblers, waterfalls, fountains, integrated lighting, salt water systems, filtration options and any other pool accessories you’d like to be included in our pricing estimates.


Development of Budget and Pricing for Approval

After you have met our pool designing and engineering team, we will develop a budget for your review. We will take into account all of the materials and goals we’ve discussed and outline a budget for the installation, the materials, and any additional accessories to make your pool both beautiful and distinctly yours.

Our team will then furnish to you a pool building proposal that itemizes your goals and provides you an estimated budget for approval.


Conceptual In-Ground Pool Design

Once you have met with our pool building team and approved a budget to complete the build, we’ll begin developing the conceptual design of your new in-ground pool. In this stage we review the total project, any accessories, the property, and any municipal zoning regulations that may affect the in-ground pool development.

We will then render a 2D design showing you the area of your property where the pool is to be constructed and how it will appear after the build. During this stage we will also review the list of requirements, check any changes in the market to get you the best price on the raw materials required for your new in-ground pool.

Finally, our team will review with you the conceptual design of your new in-ground swimming pool. If there are any changes to the project, this will be the best time to make those additions or edits to the overall conceptual plan for you pool.

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Detailed In-Ground Pool Price

After the conceptual design has been approved, our team will finalize all aspects regarding the price. Because of market fluctuations on certain elements, such as concrete, we prefer to have an up-to-date accounting of all the features, size, and scope for your new in-ground pool.

Our pool building team will compile all of the edits, upgrades, and additions to the pool’s design. Then, our team will draw up a contract outlining the materials, time frame (weather dependent), total cost, and any other aspects brought up during the consultation and design phase of the project.


In-Ground Pool Contract Review

Upon completion of the contract materials, our pool building team will sit down with you and any other decision makers (such as an architect or home builder) to review the completed contract.

We will review with you the conceptual design of the new pool, the costs of the new pool’s features you’re seeking to add and any other aspects needing to be clarified prior to commencing the construction of your new in-ground swimming pool.

Once the review process is complete and the contract has been signed. Our experts will initiate the construction of your new in-ground swimming pool.

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