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Bonsall Pool & Hot Tub Services - Lincoln, NE

Bonsall Pool & Hot Tub Services - Lincoln, NE

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Weekly Pool & Hot Tub Services in Lincoln, NE

Our weekly service program saves you time, just relax and let us do the work. It will minimize downtime because our proactive approach to pool and spa care allows us to catch any potential problems before they arise. Weekly service clients receive priority scheduling for service calls, openings, and closings, as well as discounted labor rates on all repairs. We offer the 'Tru Blue Promise' if your pool gets algae while on our system, we’ll fix it for free.

Standard Weekly Service

1 Visit Per Week

*Includes 1 visit/week and requires you to check the pool/hot tub between our visits.

Service Choices
  • Pool - $70
  • Hot Tub - $55
  • Pool and Hot Tub - $100
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Premium Weekly Service

2 Visits Per Week

*Includes at least 2 visits/week to maintain water quality.

Service Choices
  • Pool - $130
  • Hot Tub - $100
  • Pool and Hot Tub - $190
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Swimming Pool Services in Lincoln, NE

Mobile Water Testing Program

Our mobile water testing program gives you a professional water analysis without having to lift a finger for only $25. We’ll test the water, email you the analysis, and leave the water care products you will need to keep you water clean and clear. If you need any other supplies, just let us know and we’ll take care of it. And if you spend at least $199 on a visit, your service is free. We offer weekly or monthly packages to meet your needs.

  • Water Testing - $25

Automatic Cover Care

Our Automatic Cover Care service is designed to keep your cover running great year after year. The leaves and debris that build up in your cover box make a nesting area for rodents, so we’ll get that cleaned out to help prevent them from chewing on ropes and fabric. We'll also lube the mechanism according to manufacturers recommendations to keep it running in top shape. We offer this annual winter service for an off-season discount of $199.

  • $199 (for standard aluminum lids)

Winter Protection Plan

This annual plan keeps you out of the cold and helps prepare your pool for spring. We will come out monthly to check the water level and pump water off the cover if snow and ice have melted. We will also remove debris from the equipment pad and pool deck to prevent nesting of animals and to prevent a mess come spring time.

  • $199 per year

Hot Tub Services in Lincoln, NE

Hot Tub Valet

Our Hot Tub Valet service makes owning and enjoying your hot tub a carefree experience. This service can be scheduled either as a one time fee of $299, or save even more if you sign up for 3 visits per year at $799.

Imagine keeping your hot tub maintained by the industry’s leading experts with no worries. We'll clean and inspect your hot tub to help ensure it will run optimally all year round.

Our packages have services available in March, July, and November.

On each visit we will:
  • Drain and refill your hot tub.
  • Test and adjust the water balance with your product.
  • Clean the hot tub’s filter.
  • Make sure jets are working properly.
  • Inspect all equipment for damage and recommend repairs.
  • Clean the shell (interior) of the hot tub.
  • Clean the cabinet (exterior) of the hot tub.
  • Extra visits and materials will be billed as needed.

Standard Hot Tub Valet


One-Time Visit

Premium Hot Tub Valet


3 Visits Per Year