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Bonsall Reviews, What people are saying

I have had the privilege to do work for Bonsall Pools construction division as a sub contractor for over 30 years. Their unwavering demand for quality and integrity have raised my own standards over the years. I have worked for many other pool companies across the country that I am embarrassed to work for.

- Jim Campbell

Bonsall Pool and Spa did a tremendous job with us. We were looking for an affordable hot tub for our family of 5 and we got that and MORE! They were able to find us an incredible hot tub at a great, great deal. Plus, they worked extra hard to make sure it was installed, filled and ready to go as a Christmas gift to our kiddos. If you are looking for the perfect blend of great service and high quality hot tub, this is the place for you. Thank you Bonsall’s!

- Chris Rajala

Great service! Demonstration was great. Setup was great. Continued support is great! Absolutely no regrets! We LOVE our spa!

- John Hibberd

I LOVE Bonsall Pool! They are all professionals and really know what they are doing. I love that when I call in, Andy knows who I am and kindly greets me. This year we were having issues with our filter and Chris came out and left a written note behind letting me know what he found and what he did. I had some questions and called his cell and he walked me right through it. He was great! When I get my postcard to schedule my opening and closing I call Chad and they make sure to make that real easy. When I buy my chemicals they carry them to my car and make me feel like a pampered customer. Ken and Jeff have a great staff and the longevity speaks volumes about their business leadership. Where else can you be on a first name basis with that many people with their pool company!

- Shannon Filing

We have had our spa for several years now. When we first got it we used and enjoyed it regularly. Later significant work and family changes took priority over the spa and it sat unused and ignored for many, many months. During that time we had a flood that partially submerged the spa to just below the electronics. We’ve heard stories about neglected spas and expected to find a total loss when we decided to see if it could be put back into service. Much to our surprise all we had to do was drain it, clean the filters, refill it and change the circulating pump. The shell still looks brand new, the electronics, plumbing, heater, ozonizer, etc. all were fine. This unintended torture test proved we had invested in high quality design, materials and workmanship.

- Texas

After years of talking about it, we finally made the decision to purchase a hot tub. We chose the SX model as it fit our need perfectly. We use it almost every night to relax, and take away the stress. We wish we had made the decision years ago. Having had both knees replaced and major back surgery, I find it helps to easy the stiffness and pains.

- Roy B.