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Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture, Patio Heaters, and Fire Pits in Lincoln, NE

No backyard paradise is complete without quality furnishing, climate control, and stylish accessories that will convert your home into your own personal oasis. Skip the vacation and bring the luxury to you with our selection of Fire Tables, Fire Pits, Patio Heaters, and clean burning EcoSmart products.

Fire Tables, Fire Pits, Fire Bowls, and Patio Heaters

EcoSmart Firebowls

Behind the stylish façade is a sophisticated combustion system that uses the cleanest, most efficient fuel source on the market: bioethanol. Bioethanol is the fuel of the future, today. And its evolution has been remarkable.

Bioethanol is a sustainable solution on many levels:
  • Bioethanol is an eco-friendly fuel that burns clean and has a minimal carbon footprint
  • Unlike fossil fuels, bioethanol isn’t a finite fuel source, which means it’s renewable
  • The fact that no flue or chimney is needed means most of the heat generated by an EcoSmart Fire remains in the room

Oriflamme® Fire Tables

Created by an artisan who sought to capture and share the essence of fire, the unique and innovative Oriflamme Fire Table offers the original designed fire. The Oriflamme Fire Table will be a centerpiece for conversation or contemplation and enhance your outdoor environment and experience.

Open Flame Caution Notice

It is always recommended to ensure that any open flames are kept at a safe distance from flammable materials as well as areas that may be open to children. Be sure to let our installation and service team know if there is potential issues prior to installation. Please feel free to ask any of our team members for ideas on how to best enjoy your fire table, patio heater, and EcoSmart™ accessories.

Telescope® Casual Outdoor Furniture

Made in USA – Since 1903

Telescope Casual has been producing quality, outdoor patio furniture for over a century. Our product line includes wicker, aluminum, cast aluminum and resin furniture. Our products feature the highest quality of any porch and patio furniture or accessories in the industry. Telescope is proud to have earned the reputation as having the best customer service, the fastest delivery and the best quality products in the industry. Our entire team is working every day to prove to the world that our reputation is well deserved.

Give us a call if you are interested in any of our patio living products.