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All Radiant Pools are:

• 100% American Made

• Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

• Protected with lifetime transferable warranty

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Radiant Pools - the World's Greatest Swimming Pool!

The producers of the television show “World’s Greatest!...” recently selected Radiant Pools to be a part of the popular television series.

Radiant Pools Superior Strength

With over 50 years of advanced technology and manufacturing innovation, Radiant Pools gives you the strongest swimming pool available!

Radiant Lifetime Warranty: Guaranteed to Last For Generations!

“Our family has been enjoying this pool for a long time. Our kids are grown and now the grandkids are having the same fun. We’ve only ever had to replace the liner, no other problems. This is the best investment we ever made.”

- The Ludan Family, ON Canada (Installed 1978)

“My father bought this pool when I was 10 years old. After about 20 years, I moved it to my house and have had it for 20 more years. The only thing I did was buy a new liner. 40 years and one liner seems pretty good to me.”

- from D. Dufresne - Auburn, MA (Original Install 1968. Moved in 1988. Liner Replacement 2008.)

Incredible Added Value. Maximum Return On Investment.

If a Radiant Pool owner should sell their home, the lifetime warranty continues for the new owner as long as they own the home. This unique Transferable Warranty provides added value and reassurance for you and any future owner of your Radiant Pool.

The Metric Series warranty includes winter protection!

Snow and ice buildup can destroy a traditional above ground pool. The incredibly strong 2-inch thick Radiant pool wall eliminates this potential harm. Our warranty protects your Metric Series pool in the unlikely event that winter damage occurs. Compare our warranty to any other aboveground or semi-inground pool. No other manufacturer offers this protection!

With every Radiant Pool, you get true value and peace of mind.

Never a hassle, never a worry. We have confidence in our pools. You deserve the same confidence in your warranty.Every Radiant Pools comes with a 100% Lifetime, Fully Transferable, Non-Prorated Warranty against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your pool – and beyond!

What's Important to You?

ValueRadiant PoolsOther Pools
* Advanced Engineering Yes No
* Strong and Durable 2” Thick Walls Yes No
* R-10 Insulation Value Yes No
* Fits Any Backyard, Anywhere Yes No
* Unlimited Installation Options Yes No
* 100% Lifetime Transferable Warranty Yes No
* Protection from Winter Damage Yes No
* Energy Cost Savings Yes No
* Return on Investment Yes No
* Environmentally Friendly Yes No
* Still in use after 50 years Yes No
* 100% American Made! Yes No
* Safety Built Right In Yes No

Aerospace Engineering

When it comes to innovative engineering & superior structural integrity, not all pools are created equal.

Smart & Green

Harness the power of the sun for the only energy efficient, environmentally smart pool.

Lifetime Warranty

The only pool with a non-prorated, fully transferable lifetime warranty.