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Helo Saunas

Helo Saunas in Lincoln, NE

Helo saunas give you an extensive selection of sleek designs matched with incredible quality. No matter what sauna you choose, you can trust that you will have a relaxing, reliable, and luxurious sauna cabin that you can use effortlessly everyday.

Sauna Rooms

Arctic Lights

Helo's Arctic Lights Sauna includes Several innovative design ideas, including: a broad neo-angle front wall, all-glass door combined with four sidelight windows, low-voltage valance lighting, low voltage exterior lighting on overhang, and a bench layout maximizing user space.

Exterior dimensions 89 ¼ "x 89 ¼" (including 7 1/8 "overhang) x 84" H. Includes 6 kW sauna heater, rocks, bucket, ladle and thermometer.

Hallmark Series

Helo's Hallmark Series makes owning a personal oasis at home easier than ever. Easy to assemble, yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas, Hallmark put the opportunity for a daily chance to relax and recharge within reach of everyone.

Northern Star

Perfect for the master bath suite, in-home exercise area or in some other private retreat, this diminutive sauna is loaded with luxury. Its European design includes a dramatic curved glass door, integral shelving, and low-voltage lighting inside and out. Available in three sizes.

Exterior dimensions 5' x 5', 6’ x 6’, or 7' x 7', plus 6” overhang. Includes Fonda or Pikkutontu or Saunatonttu, sauna heater, rocks, bucket, ladle and thermometer.

Portable HM44

Imagine having this complete Finnish sauna experience quickly, easily and wherever you like. And what’s more, it is truly portable. This extension of the Hallmark series is available with the similar features as the other size Hallmark series, but with 120 volt plug-in instead of 240 volt. The Portable comes complete and in just six panels. In a matter of minutes they are locked together using our exclusive latching system. Merely plug it into a standard 15 amp (1.7 kW) or dedicated 20 amp outlet (2.1 kW) and enjoy! There is no plumbing. There is no finishing work.The sauna heater can be used wet or dry and delivers temperatures of up to 160 degrees F, or more; a sprinkle of water on the rocks delivers plenty of relaxing steam.


The Helo Serenity encompasses several brand new features to interior upgrades. The Serenity includes the following elegant design features:


The 6’ x 6’ sauna includes a stunning curved front wall, curved overhanging ceiling with low voltage lights, an all-glass door and one or two 24” x 72’ sidelight window.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Helo B-Series Saunas


Ideal for those having minimal space available and/or those using their sauna solo, the Model 810 has a foot print of only 9 sq. ft. With all the Premium Line features, The Model 810 has the same luxurious features as larger models but is packaged as our smallest model. "Lack of space” is no longer a limitation. This model can be installed into a corner of almost any room – even into a walk-in closet.

Measurements: 36”d x 36”w x 75”h (40”d w/overhang) - Electrical requirements: Plug-in, 15 amp 120-volt outlet - B-Series are standard Canadian Hemlock


One of our most popular models, this model is a diminutive beauty. Perfect for one or two people, with its footprint of less than 16 sq. ft., this IR sauna can be easily incorporated into an in-home workout area, master bath, even in the master bedroom. This model has the same fully-loaded features as the larger models, including the same 77” height.

Measurements: 40”d x 48”w x 77”h (44”d w/overhang) - Electrical requirements: Plug-in, 15 amp 120-volt outlet - B-Series are standard Canadian Hemlock


If you like to lie down in the sauna, this is the model for you. This rectangular model comfortably seats three, but the 6’ width also makes it comfortable for lying down. With two large sidelight windows and a large door window, the room has an open yet intimate feeling to it.

Measurements: 44”d x 72”w x 77”h (48” w/overhang) - Electrical requirements: Plug-in, 20 amp 120-volt outlet - B-Series are standard Canadian Hemlock


Classic European design, this rectangular unit offers amazing spaciousness, comfortably seating four (or more). Two large sidelight windows include frosted/etched glass on the lower portion to discreetly hide the bench ends and to add a touch of elegance to the sauna design.

Measurements: 56”d x 72”w x 77”h (60”d w/overhang) - Electrical Requirements: Plug-in, 20 amp 120-volt outlet - B-Series are standard Canadian Hemlock


Slightly smaller than the 880, the 870 combines great design with incredible space efficiency. With its 5-sided design and a footprint of 52” x 52”, this sauna can fit into almost any space. Ideal for two or three people.

Measurements: 52”d x 52”w x 77”h - Electrical Requirements: Plug-in, 15 amp 120-volt outlet - B-Series are standard Canadian Hemlock


Our most luxurious model in the category, the B880 is a neo-angled beauty. A three sided front with large panoramic windows makes this as beautiful to look at as it is to enjoy the soft heat inside. Comfortable seating for four, its L-bench design is ideal for intimate conversation with friends and family.

Measurements: 60”d x 60”w x 77”h - Electrical Requirements: Plug-in, 20 amp 120-volt outlet - B-Series are standard Canadian Hemlock

Infrared Saunas

Infrared Helo S-Series Saunas

  • Low EMR and Low EF throughout the entire sauna
  • By far the lowest EMR/EF of any infrared bathing system —beats even Sweden’s tough standards.
  • Exclusive EvenHeat technology—warms quickly and evenly with no "cold” spots.
  • Finishing in clear Canadian Hemlock for its sturdy quality and beauty.
  • Prefabricated panels for fast assembly with no tools —you can enjoy the full detox and relaxation benefits of your Pure Infra sauna within an hour of delivery.
  • Full glass fronts and tempered, top quality floor to ceiling glass doors


Dimensions: 36”x36”x75”


Dimensions: 38-1/2”x48”x77”


Dimensions: 42-1/2”x64-1/2”x77”


Dimensions: 42-1/2”x71-1/2”x77”


Dimensions: 56-1/2”x71-1/2”x77”


Dimensions: Neo-Angle - 51-1/2”x51-1/2”x77”


Dimensions: Neo-Angle - 59-1/2”x59-1/2”x77”

Custom Infrared

Custom Infrared Sauna Rooms and 2-in-1 Combination Traditional Finnish Sauna plus Far-Infrared.

As infrared saunas have grown in popularity, two questions often emerged: “Can I get a CUSTOM infrared sauna made to fit my own design ideas?” and “Can I combine infrared with a traditional sauna heater?”

Now, happily the answer to both questions is an emphatic “Yes!” Saunatec’s new InfraSauna™ is an industry first—an ETL safety listed product line that offers the following:

  • Custom Infrared sauna on your framed walls
  • Custom Designed Modular/Prefab I/S or IR only
  • Hallmark Series Saunas with IR added

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