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What is included in the Pool Closing Service?

The $360 residential winterization for pool or spa includes: blow out equipment and lines, add antifreeze to equipment and underground lines, install/remove appropriate plugs and gizmos, test water and add chemicals. Chemicals, parts and antifreeze are not included in the closing price. All prices are for Lincoln; some travel charges may apply. These prices are for residential pools; commercial properties will be billed on a time and materials basis. Closings scheduled after November 15 are subject to a inclimate weather service charge. In-floor cleaning systems will be quoted separately. The price listed is for each body of water. We do not winterize fresh fill lines, backflow devices or any copper plumbing. Please contact your plumber.

What needs to be done before we arrive?

If you would like us to install your cover, please have it out in the pool area and ready for us to put in place (no charge to close functioning auto covers). Please have all pool closing materials out next to the pool. If they are not left out, we will provide the necessary parts and materials to perform the closing for additional cost.