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SpaGuard Soft Soak Chlorinating Granules

Soft Soak Chlorinating Granules (2 lb) is a one step sanitizer and oxidizer for spas and hot tubs. Sanitize your water with this product by adding directly to the spa water.

  • #43203BIO 2lb

SpaGuard Soft Soak Brominating Granules

Soft Soak Brominating Granules (2.25 lb) is a one step sanitizer and oxidizer in one. Eliminate odors and other undesirable compounds with this power sanitizer. This product won’t affect your pH or alkalinity levels.

  • #43202BIO 2.5lb

SpaGuard Soft Soak TRIO

Uses minerals and salts to enhance the feel of the water. Removes water impurities, prevents scaling and corrosion and replenishes the softness of your water.

  • #43201BIO Box

SpaGuard Soft Soak Filter Cleaner

Eliminates contaminants that clog up your filter elements, reducing its surface area. Restores filter element efficiency and reduces the amount of sanitizing chemicals needed to maintain optimal pool health

  • #43022BIO 1qt

SpaGuard Soft Soak Spa Conditioner

Prevents and controls oil build-up that causes waterline stains, while its granulated pellets are concentrated enough to only require 1 application to your spa upon start-up after your spa is drained and refilled.

  • #43018BIO 14oz

SpaGuardSoftSoak Stain & Scale Control

Protects from scale build-up or stain formation, which is common with high amounts of dissolved metals in water. Keeps water clear as well as ensuring no filtering system clogging.

  • #43010BIO 1pt

SpaGuard SoftSoak Shock-Oxidizer

Eliminates body oils, shampoos, soaps, sweat, and other organic compounds. Combines small particles together so they become big enough to be trapped by filter elements, which vastly improving water quality and clarity.

  • #43006BIO 1qt

SpaGuard Soft Soak Sanitizer

Replaces chlorine and bromine, yet effectively controls bacteria, softens the water for bather comfort, and removes strong chemical odors.

  • #43002BIO 1pt


SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate

SpaGuard’s Chlorinating Concentrate provides spa owners with the sanitizing power of chlorine in a quick-dissolving granular form, making application quick and easy.

  • #42612BIO 14oz
  • #42614BIO 2lb
  • #42616BIO 5lb

SpaGuard Brominating Tabs

The power of an organic brominating compound compressed into 1-inch tablet. These tablets are acidic and may lower pH, so pH and total alkalinity should be tested frequently and adjusted as necessary.

  • #42608BIO 1.5lb
  • #42610BIO 4.5lb

SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate

Kill bacteria and are extremely easy to use. No need to pretreat with bromide salts. No need to add oxidizers to activate it.

  • #42602BIO 14oz
  • #42604BIO 2lb
  • #42606BIO 6lb


SpaGuard Spa Shock-Oxidizer

Non-chlorine oxidizer. Eliminates soluble organic undesirable compounds and irritants in spa water and is buffered to prevent pH bounce. Regular use helps maintain clear spa or hot tub water.

  • #42624BIO 35oz
  • #42626BIO 7lb

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock

4-in-1 shock: shocks, clarifies, flocculent and pH buffer. Restores water sparkle. Removes unpleasant odors. Treats and soak in as soon as 15 minutes. Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone or ionization.

  • #42621BIO 2lb
  • #42622BIO 2lb


SpaGuard Spa Sentry

Avoid pH bounce for up to 1 month per application, simply by adding directly to water.

  • #42638BIO 1qt

SpaGuard Calcium Increaser

Increases calcium hardness, which will boost your calcium hardness to above the danger zone, where low levels cause extensive corrosion of plumbing, jets, fixtures, and tub surfaces.

  • #42636BIO 12oz

SpaGuard pH Decreaser

Lower high pH and alkalinity down to optimal levels, simply by adding this quick-dissolving granular formula to the water.

  • #42634BIO 1lb 6oz

SpaGuard pH Increaser

Raises dangerously low pH levels, preventing costly damage to spa plumbing, fixtures, and surfaces as well as provide a much more comfortable water supply for bathers.

  • #42632BIO 18oz

SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser

Combats too low spa alkalinity, which if left untreated can cause corrosion damage, weaken your sanitizers ability to keep your spa clean, and cause skin and eye irritation.

  • #42630BIO 2lb


SpaGuard Anti Foam

Eliminates foam build-up caused by excessive amounts of body oils, soap, shampoo, deodorant, and other hygiene products left by bathers in spa water.

  • #42646BIO 16oz

BioGuard Off The Wall

Allows you to efficiently remove scale, dirt, and stains on most types of pool and spa surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces.

  • #23612BIO 24 fl oz

SpaGuard Water Freshener

Removes unpleasant odors, while staying active in either chlorine or bromine sanitizing systems.

  • #42656BIO 16oz

SpaGuard Filter Cleaner

Promotes better filtration and improves water circulation by removing body oils, dirt, grime and scale from all types of spa filters.

  • #42654BIO 1qt

SpaGuard Natural Spa Enzyme

Cuts through oils that contribute to the formation of scum lines, cloudy water, clogged filters, and foul odors, while still remaining free of harsh chemicals.

  • #42652BIO 1qt

SpaGuard System Flush

Removes unseen build-up in spa plumbing that can impact performance. Removing the build-up allows you spa chemistry and circulation system to operate efficiently and improves the condition of your spa water.

  • #42650BIO 1.5lb

SpaGuard Water Clarifier

Attracts water contaminants too small for filters to detect, allowing these small particles to become large enough for spa filters to trap and remove.

  • #42648BIO 1pt

SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control

Prevent and remove stains caused by iron, copper and manganese, as well as scaling caused by a high level of calcium.

  • #42642BIO 1pt
  • #42644BIO 1qt

SpaGuard Spa Complete

Makes the water feel wonderfully soft and look amazingly clear while keeping hot tubs noticeably cleaner.

  • #42640BIO 70oz