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Welcome to Alfresco Living!

  • June 02, 2015
  • 3 Minute Read

See EcoSmart Fire “Stix” and our many other fire features in our Showroom today

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? However, if you’re at all familiar with Nebraska weather, you know that “outdoor living” just isn’t quite as simple as it may seem – spring and fall (and, let’s face it, even sometimes a bit of the summer) can be temperamental seasons at times. With that said, the advent of EcoSmart outdoor fireplaces hasn’t just made Nebraska outdoor living bearable…but downright enjoyable! This is because EcoSmart portable outdoor fireplaces are able to deliver warming heat in beautiful form…and, because they’re fueled via bioethanol, they’re able to provide all these benefits without the smoke, soot, ash, or embers of a traditional wood fire.

When added to a pool deck, patio, backyard entertainment area, garden, or courtyard, your EcoSmart fireplace will become THE gathering spot for your guests! Aside from being able to provide a glorious amount of warmth, they’re beautiful, versatile, functional…and durable. EcoSmart put a lot of thought into the design and build of their portable fireplaces, ensuring their ability stand the test of time.

Another benefit to bioethanol outdoor fireplaces is their portability! The EcoSmart system is engineered to be self-contained, meaning that you’ll never need a utility connection to utilize your fireplace. And, of course, not being hindered by the need for a connection allows you to transform your outdoor entertaining area into the beautiful, inviting space you’ve always dreamed of! Plus, the utilization of bioethanol fuel means you’ll be doing your part for the environment, as it’s very eco-friendly.

Curious as to what types of portable fireplaces EcoSmart has to offer? We’ve picked a few of our favorites to share with you today!

EcoSmart’s MIX Fire Bowls come in two different sizes and possess the ability to add instant life to any architectural environment by combining the simplicity of an outdoor fire pit with classic, contemporary luxury. These Fire Bowls are both functional and elegant and can be easily switched off and relocated, making them perfect for virtually any setting. The Fire Bowl style is an all-weather, earthy design that can be customized with the addition of gravel, pebbles, or colored glass around the flame.

EcoSmart’s Fire Lantern is a stylish addition to any area, regardless of the time of year! And, because the Lantern is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s suitable for both commercial and residential settings. These lanterns can be turned off and on as needed via the lid, which extinguishes the flame once put into position.

If dramatic is the look you’re going for, look no further than the Flare – a truly stunning focal point which commands instant attention with its elevated, luminous flame! The flame of EcoSmart’s Flare is housed in a blown glass cylinder that sits high, on top of a stylish, black powder stand. The Flare is incredibly versatile – it can be used as a solitary piece, or grouped together (down an aisle or walking path, for instance) to create a dramatic yet inviting atmosphere.

And, finally, we have the EcoSmart Lighthouse series. This cylindrical design – which ensures that the flame can be easily seen – is available in three different sizes, allowing for a multitude of uses, be it individually or as a group. The Lighthouse series provides a beautifully stunning focal point for virtually any setting, indoor or out.

When you purchase an EcoSmart portable fireplace, you can be assured that you’re getting a durable, high quality piece that will last for years to come. EcoSmart’s meticulous attention to detail and quality are a few of the reasons we recommend them to our customers…we know that we love them, and we’re sure that you will, too! If you’d like more information about EcoSmart products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop in – Bonsall Pool and Spa in Lincoln, Nebraska, is the place to help make your place…perfect!