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Swimming Pool Envy

  • October 22, 2014
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Pools

We know, we know, we know…it’s time to be closing up pools for the winter, so why the heck are we showing (some might say “taunting”) you photos of beautiful, new, state of the art pools and hot tubs.

The short answer is: because we can.

But, also because we want to! We want you to really be able to see what Bonsall Pool and Spa is all about…we’re proud of our work and the level of craftsmanship we’re able to deliver. If you can dream it, we can probably find a way to do it!

How calm, relaxing, and serene does this look? Can you imagine yourself lounging next to this beautiful pool – we sure can!!!

Gorgeous, right? That pool…that view! Never forget your pool cover!

When fall and winter finally roll around, a properly installed pool cover (along with proper maintenance) ensure that your end of season closing is done RIGHT.