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Swimming Lessons Benefit Kids of ALL Ages

  • June 05, 2014
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Safety

Have you ever wondered if your older kids – no matter how proficient they are in the water – wouldn’t benefit from having their swimming skills spruced up a bit? Many people of are the mindset that, if the kids had some swim lessons when they were younger and are generally confident in the water, then they should be set…right? While that may be the case for some, there are PLENTY of great reasons to keep your kiddo – regardless of their age (or whether or not they think it’s “cool”) to stay actively involved with swimming – here’s our top three.

Swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning – According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children enrolled in formal swimming lessons had an 88% reduced risk of drowning; however, despite that statistic, it’s estimated that a whopping 35-40% of adult in America can’t swim (per the CDC). It may not seem like a huge deal to you now, while your kids are little and always surrounded by adults while in the pool but, remember, as they get older they’re MUCH more likely to be around water when you’re not present, making a working knowledge of swimming a vitally important life skill.

Swimming builds whole body strength – Swimming is a GREAT total body workout, and strengthens everything from your legs and arms to your core. A whole lotta muscles have to work together to make swimming possible – making all that pushing, pulling and kicking of water into one heck of a cardiovascular workout that doesn’t put as much wear and tear on the body as say, running, and provides resistance training/strengthening as well. Plus…it’s something they can do at ANY age!

Swimming helps kids do better in school – That’s right! Swimming has been scientifically linked to better academic performance and studies have found that the type of instruction and sensory learning that kids are exposed to via swim lessons translates almost seamlessly in regards to the type of learning they’ll be doing in the classroom.

There’s our top three – what would you add to the list?