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Spring is Here: Time for a Hot Tub Party

  • March 26, 2012
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Hot TubsParty

Early spring nights are cool and crisp making this time of year perfect for a hot tub party. Entertaining with a hot tub as a party focal point is easy. Everyone is already psyched to have a good time. Follow these Top 10 Tips to create a fun evening with good times to remember.

10. Invite the fun people in your life

Some friends will want to get in the hot tub, and others will be content to hang out by the snack table all night. Make your guest list according to who you think will have the most fun. Also consider inviting your friends with pools so they will remember to invite you to their swimming parties this summer. Keep in mind the maximum occupancy of your hot tub so you can plan rotations with other things to do.

9. Clean Clear Water

Just as you’d clean your house before a big party, make sure your hot tub water is clean and sparkling before guests arrive. Check your supplies and make sure you have clarifier and sanitizer on hand. You want your guests to go “aah” with delight when you fold back the cover, not “yuck!”

8. Have a Plan B

Bad weather, a power outage, or even crabby guests – you never know what could crop up to spoil your hot tub fun so plan other activities just in case you can’t go in the hot tub.

7. Party Food: Keep it on the light Side

Stick to finger food that can be eaten in or out of the tub. Easy to eat items like veggies and dip, fresh fruit on skewers, chicken or shrimp kabobs, and egg rolls are all good choices. Avoid chips in the tub. If spilled they can make a party-ending gummy mess.

6. Drinks: Save the booze for after soaking

Have a selection of bottled waters, juices, and sodas on hand to keep soakers hydrated while soaking. Alcohol? Alcohol’s effects are felt much more quickly in a hot tub. Overconsumption and a major hangover is a sure thing the next day. Save wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks for after soaking. You don’t want your guests to regret your invitation.

5. Provide extra bathing suits

A lot people are self-conscious around strangers. Some guests might “forget” their suits in order to avoid soaking. Once they see all the fun everyone’s having, they’ll want to jump in too. Have a couple extra bathing suits and swim trunks on hand for guests who left their suits at home.

4. Extra towels

You can never have enough towels! Guests may get in and out of the tub multiple times, leading to damp towels that stop doing the job. Keep lots of clean, fresh towels on hand and stay on top of putting wet towels in the washer and dryer. Your guest will love you for it and so will your carpet and upholstered lawn furniture.

3. Games, door prizes, and theme

All of the action will be centered around your hot tub, so pick up fun party favors, small door prizes, ducks for everyone to race, waterproof playing cards, etc. Solar powered lanterns are a beautiful way to light up the night. A Hawaiian theme is perfect for this occasion.

2. Cue the soundtrack

Every party needs music. Choose your music with your guests’ taste in mind. Throw in songs that add pizzazz to your party’s theme. A song or two by the Beach Boy’s is a great touch. Mix in some jazz too.

1. Have fun

If you, the host, aren’t having a good time, your guests won’t either. Sit back, relax and have a ball at your own party. You can never foresee all the problems that may arise, so go with the flow. Your guests will appreciate your approach to the evening and have fun themselves. That’s the recipe for a great hot tub party!