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Should I Raise the Chlorine Level in My Pool for Winter?

  • September 25, 2014
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Pools

In short: NO. Unfortunately, most pool owners think that “mega dosing” their pool before closing it is the ideal way to slow algae growth AND will allow for a head start when preparing to open their pool the following spring. However, “mega-dosing” can be very harmful to your pool liner and pool cover – and, most importantly, it will do very little good in regards to next spring’s water balance.

Honestly, the most important things you can do to prep your pool for winter are the things that most folks overlook. Fortunately, you’ve got us here to help you out with some handy – and timely – tips!

First – Clean your pool! A lot of people think, “This pool will need cleaned next spring, so, why bother?” While it’s true that, yes, your pool will need to be cleaned the following spring, why give all that algae and bacteria a head start?

Second – Balance your water! We recommend you start this process about week before closing your pool. After your pool has been cleaned, you’ll need to bring its pH balance into the 7.2 – 7.6 range. Alkalinity should fall between 80 – 120 ppm, and calcium hardness in the range of 180 – 220 ppm. Once you have reached balanced water, it’s time for step three.

Third – Shock your pool with either a BioGuard Chlorine Shock or BioGuard Non-Chlorine Shock. Add 1 lbs. per 10,000 gallons.

And lastly – WAIT! We know you want to cover your pool and get the task checked off your to-do list, but hold off for just a bit! Shock does to pool covers the same thing it does to algae: it kills them! So, wait until your chlorine level returns to the 1.0 – 3.0 range, then add your winter algaecide and go on about the business of closing your pool.
And, remember – we’re always here to help!