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Set the Perfect Mood with Your Hot Tub Lighting

  • November 30, 2013
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Hot Tubs

So… You have lighting in your Hot Tub and you want to make sure your mood lighting is giving off the right light for the situation. Well, we’re here to help! We’ve done our research and here is what we have found for you:

Red most typical mood associated with hot tubs… passion. If you are trying to romance that someone special in your life, turn those lights to red, get out some wine and candles, and the mood is set, my friend. Now, if this is a first date sort of romantic, red is still your color! Red can also help provoke conversation!

Blue and Green also go with a very common mood that is associated with hot tubs… Relaxation. Blue is the least stimulating color on the color wheel (and green follows closely behind) and therefore these are great colors to set the mood when you’re just ready to relax. Whether you want some much deserved “me” time or you need some time away from the kids with your spouse, blue is the color for you!

Orange is a very cheerful color and would be perfect if you are having people over for an occasion of any sort. Whether it’s a graduation, birthday or just a fun gathering, orange can really help get the energy up at your party.

Team colors! Another fun suggestion that we will leave you with is to use the color of your favorite sports team. If you’re having a couple people over for the game or celebrating the win, show your spirit and support by switching your mood lighting to your team color!

So, there you are! Perfecting lighting for every occasion! To find your perfect hot tub to show off your new found knowledge of how to set the mood, give us a call today!