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Pool Safety - Part 3

  • June 06, 2014
  • 3 Minute Read
  • SafetyPools

Here’s the last segment of our Pool Safety series – it’s short, sweet, and to the point!

  • Understand the basics of life-saving so that you can assist in the event of a pool emergency – your local Red Cross, hospital or community swimming pool would be the best places to check for water safety classes offered in your area.
  • Learn to perform CPR on both children and adults and make sure that you keep those skills up to date! Contact your local Red Cross or hospital for information on where classes are held and how to enroll.
  • Learn how to swim AND teach your children how to swim. It’s estimated that almost one third of the American population doesn’t know how to swim…let’s bring that number down, shall we?

Swimming is a great activity that can be done at all stages in life. Keep yourself – and everyone else – as safe as possible by making sure that you’re always being safe!