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An Introduction to Cover-Pools Pool Covers – Save Lives, Time, Money, and Resources (Part 2)

  • July 15, 2015
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Pools

In our last blog, we provided you with a great overview of the Cover-Pools pool covers that we sell (an use ourselves!) here at Bonsall Pool and Spa. As mentioned previously, these automatic pool covers really do provide year-round protection, and multi-tasks as a safety cover, solar cover, and winter cover…all in one!

In the summertime, we know you’ll be using your pool a LOT! And, because Cover-Pools pool covers are designed to be used every day, you can rest assured that they’re created to be durable and dependable. In less than a minute your pool can either be covered – or uncovered – allowing you to provide an extra layer of protection, as well as helping to save on resources and reducing expenses…all summer long.

How can a pool cover help with those last two items, you ask?

Well, it’s because a pool cover has the ability to serve as a passive solar collector. When the pool is covered, the sun’s radiant heat is captured and, in turn, serves to heat the water underneath by 10-15 degrees. Plus, a Cover-Pools cover ALSO keeps that heat in once the air temperature starts dropping, which means you WON’T need a solar blanket or bubble cover.

Once fall rolls around, Cover-Pools pool covers allow you to extend your swimming season AND save on heating costs…all at the same time! When your pool isn’t in use, simply cover it up and then open it up again on those days when it doesn’t feel like summer is a distant memory. Plus, these covers can help keep all those beautiful autumn leaves OUT of our pool!

When it comes to winter weather, things are never predictable…especially here in Nebraska! However, as long as you do your due diligence and maintain your pool water at normal operating level, you’ll be able to utilize your cover all throughout the winter. Cover-Pools pool covers are strong and durable, which means that, if your water level is maintained, your cover will be able to support the weight of any accumulating snow and ice. All you’ll need to do is leave the pump – which is provided – on the cover and it will automatically remove any water that’s present once the snow and ice melt. In addition, a Cover-Pools cover replaces the need for a winter cover that uses sandbags to hold the fabric in place OR an anchored winter safety cover. And, to top it all off, if you’re feeling REALLY brave you can open that cover up and take a quick dip!

Because Cover-Pools pool covers are designed to protect your pool all year – be it from weather, debris, and/or evaporating chemicals (all of which can turn your pool water green…ewww!) – you won’t have to spend nearly as much time prepping once spring arrives.

We all know that swimming can provide you and your family hours of entertainment as well as a great way to stay fit! And, when you add a Cover-Pools pool cover to the mix, you can rest assured that you’ll be protecting both your pool AND your guests! If you’re interested in learning more about these awesome pool covers, give us a call or stop on by…we’d love to show you how they can not only reduce the hassle of pool maintenance, but also extend your swimming season AND provide peace of mind, all in one!