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An Introduction to Cover-Pools Pool Covers – Save Lives, Time, Money, and Resources (Part 1)

  • June 07, 2015
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Pools

Here at Bonsall Pool and Spa, we install a LOT of pool covers! And, one of our top choices for in-ground pools is the Cover-Pools line of pool covers. Why, you ask?

Well, to start with, the people at Pool-Covers really get the fact that every pool really is different, which is why they make every cover system specific to your individual pool. Plus, they offer a great variety of options in terms of looks, which mean you can rest assured that your Cover-Pool pool cover will bend seamlessly with your outdoor living area.

Plus, with a Cover-Pools safety cover, you can keep your pool covered whenever you’re not swimming. This means that, aside from all the other benefits your Cover-Pool pool cover offers, it also acts as a safety pool cover and the fact that it has the ability to aide in the prevention of drowning is key.

What do you get when you combine all these features? A “multi-tasking workhorse” that has the ability to provide a combination of safety, beauty, value, and convenience! These automatic covers are all you need for year-round pool protection.

Cover-Pools pool covers are extremely durable, too. They’re designed to be used on a daily basis during the swimming season and, since they’re designed to operate at the turn of a key, your pool can be either covered or uncovered in under a minute.

When it comes to safety, there’s obviously no substitute for proper supervision and Cover-Pool pool covers are able to add an additional layer of protection that no pool should be without. These covers act as a “horizontal fence” of sorts, completely sealing off the pool and preventing accidental access by children, pets, and other unwanted visitors.

These automatic pool covers also help keep dirt and debris out of your pool, which works to reduce both cleaning and maintenance costs, as well as wear and tear on your filtration system. And, during the off season, the cover acts as a winter cover to protect your pool during those harsh winter months.
If you’ve been looking for the perfect automatic cover for your pool, than a Cover-Pools pool cover is for you! And, rest assured, here at Bonsall Pool and Spa, we don’t just sell these covers…we use them ourselves. Meaning, of course, that you can customize with confidence when you work with us. Bonsall Pool – Perfect Water Every Time Since 1951.