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How to Keep Your Hot tub Clean and Safe

  • March 08, 2012
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Hot Tubs

If you are like me you want your spa water clear, clean and sanitized. Many people really don’t understand how and why this is so important with a spa so hopefully we can help you today!!

A spa is about 5 times larger than a regular size bath tub, but has many more people per gallon than a bath tub. In a bathtub you drain it after each use but a spa you recirculate the water. The job of the filter and the chemicals is to keep the water clear, clean and safe.

Hot water needs to be carefully taken care of to keep it in balance and sanitary. One person can perspire as much as 16oz. in a 15 minute time period at 102 degrees. This is why it is very important to understand spa maintenance and chemical treatments.

Hot Tub Filter Maintenance

Rinse the filter(s) every 30 days to remove any debris in the pleats. We also recommend spraying or soaking the filter(s) in a Filter Cleaning solution every 3 – 4 months. This helps to ensure proper filtration and operation.

Water Sanitization

Chlorine and Bromine are the two most popular sanitizers for spas and hot tubs. Chlorine granules can be added to the water with the jets running to kill germs and bacteria and make the water clean, clear and safe. Bromine granules or tablets can be used to sanitize a hot tub and work well in wide pH ranges. If Chlorine or Bromine are not for you, we have other options available.

Shock or Oxidization

You need to shock a spa to burn off unwanted wastes such as chloramines which contains ammonia and other undesirable compounds plus bather waste and oils. It is best to shock a spa after each use to keep it fresh and clean plus the water will smell great.

Hot Tub Water Balance

Spa water needs to be balanced by first testing the water either by yourself or at your local Bioguard dealer. You will want to test and adjust the pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine/bromine. Adjusting these chemicals into the proper range will make the sanitizers work better, plus the water will be safe and clear. This is also important to keep the spa shell, pumps, heater, and jets working properly. Water that is out of balance will severely affect your spa’s equipment and can void your spa’s warranty so have it tested and adjusted.


Taking care of your spa’s water balance plus sanitizing and shocking the spa water, in addition to keeping the filter clean will ensure you have a safe, clean and an enjoyable spa experience.