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June 6, 2015

  • June 06, 2015
  • 3 Minute Read

Vinyl pool with raised acrylic spa, ten mini-spillways (Tishways), stone retaining walls, stone coping and stone paver deck system.

Regardless of age, there’s one universal truth…playing in the pool is fun, plain and simple! Sadly, most pool toys are geared towards a demographic that doesn’t include individuals over the age of 13. However, there’s a new trend emerging and it includes loads of fun gadgets for all you peeps over the age of 13 (rafts, slides, and noodles are all still fair game, though)! Here’s our top seven pool “toys” made for the non-kid in all of us!

  • Did you know that there’s a floating, LED pool fountain that sprays colorfully decorative streams of red, yellow, and blue illuminated water…and up to 16 feet in the air to boot! These type of floating fountains feature a selection of water patterns and attach to your pool’s return line – no special plumbing or wiring required!
  • Bring on the music! The advent of waterproof speaker is, let’s face it…amazing! Be it in a pool, hot tub, or lake, these floating, wireless, waterproof speakers are a great addition to any pool party.
  • Water volleyball, anyone?!? There’s some pretty nifty water volleyball kits out there that are actually made for pools, which means no more trying to rig up a regular volleyball net over the pool anymore.
  • Aqua sofa, you say? Yep, that’s right AQUA SOFA. It’s big, it’s soft and squishy, and it floats…need we say more?
  • Get your fit on in the pool, without swimming laps (although you can totally do that, too!). Find a good set of water weights and go to town. It makes for a fun workout because it’s something a bit different, it’s a great way to get fit while staying cool, AND it’s a workout that’s easy on your joints due to the buoyancy that the water provides.
  • Once your done with your pool workout, hop up onto your floating chaise lounger and rest for a spell. There’s some amazing pool chaises out there, with LOTS of bells and whistles. For instance, many of them allow you to sit up or recline all the way back until you’re lying down. They’re cushioned and supportive, and come with built in drink and trinket holders to store your sunglasses, beach reads, cool beverage…and more!
  • Speaking of cool beverages, it’s just not summer without one in hand now is it??? This is where floating beverage rafts come into play. They tend to be big enough to hold a full sized cooler AND usually have cup holders on the sides, too.
  • These all sound pretty darned awesome, don’t they?!? But, horror of all horrors…what if you don’t have a pool? No worries…give us a callBonsall Pool and Spa has been Lincoln’s pool experts for over 60 years and we’re sure that we can plan the perfect pool for you.