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ACE Saltwater Sanitizing System Q & A – Part 1

  • November 12, 2015
  • 3 Minute Read
  • Health & WellnessSafety

The ACE saltwater sanitizing system for spas utilizes the same salt water technology that pool owners around the world have come to love so much. What’s so incredible about this system is that it manages to overcome all the challenges that have prevented traditional salt systems from working in the hot tub environment. Read on for more info.

What makes the ACE system superior to traditional methods?

Not unlike pool salt water systems, the ACE system makes taking care of the water in your hot tub much more hands free via the use of their exclusive, patented, diamond technology. The ACE system generates chlorine automatically (as opposed requiring owners to add chlorine manually, be it on either a daily or weekly basis) which eliminates the need for daily or weekly sanitizer.

Is the ACE saltwater system gentler on my skin?

Yes, in fact, it is! When you use the ACE system you’ll notice that the water feels much softer on your skin. Bottled chlorine products are stabilized with an acid that can build up in hot tub water over time, causing drying and irritation to the skin and eyes. The ACE system, on the other hand, generates chlorine from salt and water, thereby eliminating the unwanted side effects of bottled chlorine. The addition of salt to water also makes the water feel silkier on the skin, and the lower levels of hardness recommended for the ACE system means the water is actually softer. A side-by-side comparison is a great way to confirm the difference in water treated using the ACE system and water that is treated with traditional chlorine water care.

What is the Diamond Electrode?

Hot Spring Spas has been testing salt technology for over 12 years and the diamond technology specifically for over 4 years. The patented diamond electrode is formed completely of industrial diamond crystals, and makes the ACE system work more effectively than any other saltwater system out there. As energy is sent through the electrodes, the unique structure of the diamond crystals allows the ACE system to transfer significantly more energy into the water than other salt water systems – four times more energy than systems using titanium electrodes alone.

If you have questions about the ACE Saltwater Sanitizing System or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or, even better…stop on in! Bonsall Pool and Spa is Lincoln’s number one choice for pool, spa, and sauna sales and service. Bonsall Pool & Spa – Perfect Water Every Time Since 1951.