My name is Rex Miller. We are considering having an inground pool installed, but wanted to ask a couple questions before we moved forward.

First question… what are the stages of your pool projects? We have been fully-approved by a Swimming Pool finance lender that pays directly to the pool builder in stages, and I need to ensure the payment stages/percentages will work with you. We were originally working with a different pool builder but they were not willing to work with the payment stages provided by the lender – so we are now looking for a new pool builder.

Second question… what type of pool options do you have? We were planning on doing a fiberglass pool install (14’ x 35’ rectangle). Our yard is still staked/painted for this. Do you have a similar size/option available?

Third question… what is included with your pool installation? Our previous quote for the 14×35 fiberglass pool included: fiberglass pool shell, excavate/install/haul away dirt, plumbing install, electrical install, winter safety cover, pool lights, Aquacal Heatpump, permit).

Fourth question… what is your current lead time/timeline for this year?

Our budget is approximately $93,000.00. Do you have a pool that will fit within this budget?

Thank you,

Rex Miller