I would like to put in an above ground pool in the summer. I was wondering a few things if you could give me some insight on them.
1. What are the different sizes you have and the depth?
2. What is the price range?
3. What kind of electrical need is needed for the pool?
4. Do you level the ground and put up the pool?
5. Will you also do decks around the pool or does that need to be done by someone else?
6. How long does it take to complete and what is the waiting list like?
7. I live in Syracuse about 20 minutes east of Lincoln on HWY 2.

Thank you for the heads up on the questions above. I know that most is going to be an average I just want to have some kind of a game plan for it all. I do plan to come up here in the next month or two to see down and talk with someone about the options.