Good Morning –

I came across your company when researching Dealers for Radiant Pools. We purchased a Radiant Pool from Continental Pool & Spa in March, however, Continental is no longer a Radiant Pool Dealer and the pool we purchased is from someone who canceled their order the year prior and was in their warehouse.

Continental does not have any installers for the Radiant Pool, making our backyard project a dead end as the 12×24 semi-inground rectangle (almost fully inground) pool is not a DIY Project as advertised.

My question is if you are still a Radiant Pool Dealer, and if so, do you also install the pool? We are in Omaha, NE and would be interested in a quote for installation if so. We are feeling rather defeated at purchasing a pool without anyone in Omaha having the experience to install it.

Thank you in advance for your time –