Spring is here and summer is not too far behind. Your inground swimming pool will soon be open, and you’re counting down the minutes to those sunny days. Although adults know the value of a restful float in the pool, the kids want some action. There are so many great pool activities to choose from, and you can be prepared for some awesome pool parties with a few games to keep in mind for the kids:

1. Bottle hunt

Water bottles and soda bottles work perfectly for this game. Remove any labels and fill the bottle up with pool water. Have all the kids line up against the side of the pool, facing out of the pool so they’re not looking at the pool. Throw the bottle in the water and yell, “Go!” The first person to find the water bottle wins. Since the pool is reflective and the water bottle is transparent, the game is much more difficult than it sounds. Also, the bottle will sink to the bottom. So keep this in mind, as this pool game is best for good swimmers.

2. Whack-a-mole

If you thought this game was just for the arcade, think again! You can play a super fun, live-action version of whack-a-mole with a pool noodle or a soft ball. The game can be played with just one person as “it” or with teams, depending on how many kids are in the pool. The “moles” pop up from under the water, and the opposing team can “whack” them with a pool noodle or small ball. Once a person is tagged with the noodle or ball, they’re out. The game can be played on a timer or until all the moles have been caught. It’s a fun way to get lots of energy out on a hot summer day.

3. Marco Polo

This pool game is a classic. The kid who’s “it” closes their eyes and yells “Marco” while the others yell “Polo” until Marco finds and tags a new person. It can be played with as few as two kids or as many as you can safely fit in the pool.

4. Cannonball contest

If you have an inground swimming pool with a deep end, this is a great game. Participants line up outside the pool and each take turns jumping into the water in a ball position. The person who makes the biggest splash wins. This competition can go on for a while, with multiple rounds. Best of all? You can sit by the swimming pool and participate as a judge without having to get your hair wet.

5. Octopus

The pool version of Red Rover, Octopus starts with one person as “it” and grows until there’s just one person left. Players line up on either side of the pool and try to swim all the way across, lengthwise. If they get tagged, they must hold hands to form a chain. The chain grows bigger and bigger, making it more difficult for kids to get from one side to the next. This game works best when there are five or more kids in the pool.

6. Whirlpool

If you want a surefire way to wear the kids out on a summer day, task them with turning the pool into a whirlpool. This is done by having all the kids line up in the pool and walk or swim in a circle. If your pool is round, it works neatly. If your pool is square, oval, or has a custom shape, a whirlpool is still possible but it will take extra work. The whirlpool effect is achieved overtime as the kids continue in a circle. A successful whirlpool will create a “Lazy Susan” effect on your backyard swimming pool. Have a few floats ready to enjoy the success.

7. Treasure Hunt

This pool game can be simple or spectacular. Either way, it’s bound to be fun! Treasure Hunt involves any material that will sink to the bottom of the pool. You can use spare change or you can find some themed pool toys that are designed for diving games. The object of the game is to collect the treasure from the bottom of the pool. It can be played with just one person in the pool and one spectator who throws the treasure. Or it can be played with many participants, and the winner is the individual who collects the most treasure. This game can provide hours of entertainment for intermediate and advanced swimmers. It’s fun for the whole gang.

There are so many fun pool activities to choose from. And you don’t need to play all the games in one day. Keep it interesting by switching up the “game of the day.” You can also get cool accessories like diving toys, pool noodles, and different types of floats. Your kids will enjoy the effort you’ve made to keep things interesting in the pool. No matter what games you choose for the kids, make sure your pool is safe and clean with help from your friends at Bonsall Pool and Spa, the premier swimming pool builder in Lincoln, Nebraska. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pool is in perfect shape, and you’ll have one less thing on your to do list to take care of. If you don’t have a pool yet, Bonsall Pool and Spa can help you realize your dreams. Your kids will love having an active outlet throughout summer vacation.