​ Having a hot tub is therapeutic as well as a wonderful social gathering center for family and friends. To ensure that you continue to have a great time in your spa, there are a few maintenance routines that should be on your to-do list. Following these tips will give you a clean, efficient tub to last for years to come!

1) Analyze Your Water

Before you begin adding anything to your hot tub, you’re going to need a full water analysis. With this type of testing, you’ll find out just what chemicals you need to have your water crystal clear and sparkling in no time! Simply stop by our store for a free full water analysis – make sure to bring in a sample of your spa water!

2) Tennis Balls Anyone?

Tennis balls and hot tubs? You betch-ya’. Place a few tennis balls in your hot tub’s water or in the skimmer. These balls will soak up oils and lotions that ride on the surface of your water as the build-up can lessen the effectiveness of the filters. This is a neat trick that makes it super easy to refresh your water, especially after heavy use. It is important that guests know they are entering clean tub water without goo on the water’s surface. Keep these balls handy to make using them a regular maintenance routine.

3) Pantyhose!

Pantyhose makes a great fine netting for your lower return outlets when it is time to change the water in the tub. They keep dirt, leaves, and other types of fine debris from stressing your filters. This is an economical way to extend the life of your filter! Changing your spa water often to keep the pH balance correct is necessary, but you can lessen maintenance time with pantyhose as your cleaning partner.

4) Lessen Scum Lines

Another way to freshen the water in your hot tub is to give it a treatment of enzymes. Special enzymes are on the market made to break down fatty body lipids that escape into the water when the tub is used. These little helpers will also break down commercial oils and lotions that will form a scum ring around your tub’s water line. Another benefit of using enzymes as a water purifier creates a cleaner filter as well as a more efficient sanitizer. Let this simple trick lessen your elbow grease on hot tub maintenance as well as extend the life of your spa! Be sure to check out our chemical selection here at Bonsall.

5) Grout Cleaner

If your hot tub is tiled, then discolored grout can make an otherwise clean tub look dirty. You would think that cleaning grout would be a time-consuming job requiring a lot of elbow grease. This method of grout cleaning can save time and effort.

Drain the hot tub. (Remember to use the pantyhose on your lower outlets). Mix peroxide and baking soda into a paste. Climb in, as this is an inside job. Using a wet sponge, cover the grout lines with the paste. Allow to stand for at least five to ten minutes. Let the paste stand longer for a darker stain. Using an old toothbrush, begin to remove the paste with a circular motion. Once the paste is removed, fill your tub. The ingredients in the paste will not harm your tub or filter, but you may want to check the pH balance of your water.

6) Keep a Timer Handy

Draining and refilling your hot tub is a time-consuming task. Often, you will find yourself getting involved with other things while the tub is filling. A good idea is to put a kitchen timer in your pocket, set your mobile phone to sound an alarm, or program your kitchen oven buzzer to remind you to check your tub’s water level. Overfilling the tub can create quite a mess and damage the mechanics. Better safe than sorry!

7) Getting The Most Out Of Your Filters

The filters job is to clean your water, but you also have to help your filters out by keeping them clean! Once a month, use a spray cleaner and give the filter a top to bottom deep-clean. This will prolong the life of your filter as well as keep your water sparkling so you can soak in luxury. Additionally, rinsing your filter will prevent foaming water in your spa.

8) Keeping It Clean

One of the best ways to keep your hot tub’s water fresh is to be clean before you enter it. It is recommended that you and your guests shower before entering the tub. This will help remove any deodorants, oils, lotions, and other water contaminants that may be found on your body. Another good idea is to keep ball caps available for people who have long hair. Wearing ball caps with the hair tucked inside can keep hair out of your water to prevent clogs and debris!

9) Be Prepared

Most of the time things run smoothly, but there is that occasional situation when the hot tub maintenance road can get a little bumpy. Having replacement filters ready on site is a good idea. Being able to replace a filter quickly will keep the party running without missing a beat! Besides, no one wants to leave their hot tub on a freezing cold day in the middle of winter to go grab a new filter.

10) When Not In Use

To keep costs down as well as prolong your tub’s mechanics, there are several ways you can achieve this. For starters, check with your energy company about off-peak times for heating your spa. Additionally, keep your tub covered to keep out debris and critters. Also, be sure to close the air control valves when you finish your dip. These valves mix the air with the water but also release heat. Closing these valves will stop cold air from mixing with the water.

Here at Bonsall Pool and Spa, we’re available to keep you updated with the latest in hot tubs and pools as well as help with any repairs or services! With a 65 year history, we have established a company based on quality products and excellent customer service. Be sure to check back for more pool and spa tips and tricks!